Actors Xu Kai and Tan Songyun are rumored to be leading a new drama with an entrepreneurship theme called As Beautiful As You, though no official word has been released. Fans and internet users are excited to see Xu Kai take on the domineering male protagonist for the first time, while Tan Songyun has consistently portrayed sizzling chemistry, leaving fans giddy over the pair’s sparks!As Beautiful As You: Entrepreneurship Arc centers on Jixing (Tan Songyun), a young woman who decides to leave her job as an IT firm employee to start her own business as an entrepreneur. When Jixing’s unique perspective garners the admiration and support of Dongyang Technology’s CEO Zhao Ting in the face of obstacles, her team members almost lose hope. Jixing’s business, Xingchen, finally gets on track with the financial support of Zhao Ting.Jixing almost loses it when she learns that starting a business is never easy and that her seven-year relationship with her first love has ended. Jixing and Zhao Ting’s relationship evolves from that of mentor and disciple to that of business partners and friends as the two soulmates discover themselves irresistibly drawn to one another, even as the development of her new product continues to face challenges.

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