The public boycotted Song Joong Ki’s new drama The youngest son of Conglomerate’s tycoon due to a series of prison scandals involving an actor in the film.Following the success of Vincenzo, which premiered in 2021, Song Joong Ki returned to the big screen with The Youngest Boy (Reborn Rich).However, the joy was short-lived, as the prison scandal of supporting actor Yoon Je Moon, who appeared in the film, was recently unearthed, causing many people to fear that it would have an impact on the Drama’s and Song Joong Ki’s success.

배우 윤제문이 8일 오전 서울 동대문 메가박스에서 열린 영화 ‘아빠는 딸’ 제작보고회에 참석해 뮬의를 빚은 음주운전에 대해 사과의 말을 하고 있다.

Previously, the actor Yoon was involved in a driving while intoxicated scandal, which was repeated several times. Yoon Je Moon thought he knew how to repent after being fined so many times, but he was arrested again and again for falling asleep while driving.

As a result, the Korean public holds a particularly negative opinion of the actor, even calling for his retirement from the entertainment industry. As a result, when Yoon Je Moon was seen in the trailer and poster for the film The Youngest of the Rich (Reborn Rich), many Knets demanded a boycott and refused to watch the drama.

In addition to the male lead role of Yoon Hyun Woo, played by Song Joong Ki, the youngest tycoon is joined by Hospital Playlist beauty Shin Hyun Bin, Lee Sung Min, Kim Jung Nan, Seo Jae Hee,…

The youngest son of a tycoon (Reborn Rich) is known to be “led” by director Jung Dae Yoon and written by screenwriter Kim Tae Hee. The drama will premiere on the JTBC cable channel on November 18. What are your thoughts on the actions of some Kfans? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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