1. The Korean entertainment industry appears to be obsessed with the zombie theme. The good news is that they manage to make the plots so compellingly interesting that it’s difficult not to get sucked in. But, aside from zombie dramas, there are many great past K-drama characters who would make excellent teammates in the event of a zombie apocalypse. If we were in danger, these characters would have to be smart, quick, brave, and strong enough to take on a zombie. Here are nine of those characters who could be ideal for the role.

Disclaimer: This section only features characters who lack supernatural abilities.

1. Ji Chang Wook in “Healer” or “The K2”

Ji Chang Wook, in almost any of his action films, would be an excellent addition to the team when fighting zombies. All of the extensive training he does for each project he takes on demonstrates that he would be a valuable asset. Ji Chang Wook, whether as bodyguard Kim Je Ha from “The K2” or Seo Jung Hoo from “Healer,” would gladly assist us in escaping the clutches of some grotesque zombies!

2. Lee Si Young in “Sweet Home”

When it comes to her projects, Lee Si Young is the epitome of a badass female action star. Lee Si Young, who plays Seo Yi Kyung in the horror thriller series “Sweet Home,” stands out as a firewoman who is clearly capable of holding her own in any sort of monstrous apocalyptic situation. Without a doubt, having Seo Yi Kyung on the team would make everyone feel very secure.

3. Han Hyo Joo in “Happiness”

In the zombie series “Happiness,” the lovable Han Hyo Joo as Yoon Sae Bom not only has experience fighting off infected humans, but she also has a sense of humor that will help lighten the mood. Sae Bom’s bravery and courage in the face of anything remotely horrifying does not even faze her, which is exactly what we need!

4. Han So Hee from “My Name”

Who’d have guessed Han So Hee could be a crime-fighting action queen? With her previous roles in melodramas and romances, no one could have predicted the havoc she would cause as a vengeful cop in “My Name.” Although the series is a little shorter in length, it gives you a good idea of how powerful and damaging Han So Hee could be if she ever had to fight some zombies.

5. Park Seo Joon from “Fight For My Way”

If you’ve already seen this K-drama, you’ll remember the scene where Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won) is harassed by men, causing Dong Man (Park Seo Joon) to go insane while saving her. Scenes like these demonstrate what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse, and luckily for us, Park Seo Joon has it.

6. Kim Hye Soo from “Hyena”

Although Kim Hye Soo plays a lawyer in this series, the viciousness with which she fights off perpetrators is epic. Jung Geum Ja (Kim Hye Soo) has had to learn to fight her battles on her own as a result of her childhood and having to fend for herself while growing up. She can hold her ground and fight, which is exactly what is required!

7. Ma Dong Seok from “Bad Guys”

Ma Dong Seok in anything would be advantageous for a zombie fighting team. But his performance as Park Woong Cheol in “Bad Guys” is not to be taken lightly. When it comes to looking for someone who can help fight an apocalypse, being a convict who is taken out of jail to find bad guys is a pretty perfect resume. Ma Dong Seok would undoubtedly be able to handle himself, even with one hand tied behind his back!

8. Namgoong Min from “The Veil”

If you’ve seen any of the clips or even photos of Namgoong Min as Han Ji Hyuk in “The Veil,” you’ll completely understand why he has to be on this list. Han Ji Hyuk is an elite field agent who is regarded as the best in the National Intelligence Service, so he’s well-qualified to assist in the fight against zombies.

9. Lee Je Hoon from “Taxi Driver”

In this hypothetical end-of-the-world scenario, Kim Do Ki (Lee Je Hoon) would be the cherry on top. He has the fighting skills and the guts to take on the world, and we’d be better off with him on our side. Not to mention his ability to put on a mask and play different roles in order to penetrate the opposing side. It’s not a bad addition if he’s willing to disguise himself as a zombie!

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