Previously on “Forecasting Love and Weather,” Jin Ha Kyung discovered that Lee Si Woo’s ex-girlfriend Chae Yoo Jin (Girl’s Day’s Yura) was opposed to marriage. Soon after, when she needed to send someone from her team to the Typhoon Research Center on Jeju Island, Jin Ha Kyung chose Lee Si Woo, despite the fact that they would be separated for at least two months.

The couple will clash in the next episode of the drama as a result of Jin Ha Kyung’s unexpected announcement. While Jin Ha Kyung insists that she chose Lee Si Woo solely for professional reasons, Lee Si Woo is not convinced, and he is heartbroken by her choice.

An upset Lee Si Woo asks Jin Ha Kyung, “Are you sure you didn’t just want to be alone for a while?” Jin Ha Kyung, who had always believed that marriage was the natural destination of a relationship, had taken a break after learning that his views conflicted with her own. Lee Si Woo eventually gets up and walks away from the conversation, despite Jin Ha Kyung’s attempts to defend her decision.

Because Lee Si Woo must leave for Jeju the next day, it is unclear how this unexpected stumbling block will affect the couple’s relationship—or whether they will be able to survive this crisis.

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