The cast lineup for the upcoming omniverse series “Tarot” has been officially revealed! “Tarot” is an eight-episode horror series that explores enigmatic events that could occur in anyone’s everyday life, all revolving around the theme of tarot cards. The plot begins with the main characters receiving different tarot cards, and at that very moment, they discover that the twisted tarot cards have cursed their destinies.

The seven episodes, which include “Santa’s Visit,” “Single Locker,” “Phishing,” “Please Throw It Away,” “Late-Night Taxi,” “Rent Mom,” and “Oh Yu Jin,” promise an engaging exploration of various horror scenarios within the omniverse. Jo Yeo Jeong will make a special appearance as the lead character Ji Woo in the “Santa’s Visit” episode, while Park Ha Sun will play the lead role in “Rent Mom.” Dex will star in the “Please Throw It Away” episode.

The upcoming episodes are as follows: Go Kyu Pil will be in “Late-Night Taxi,” Seo Ji Hoon and Lee Joo Bin will be in “Single Locker,” Kim Sung Tae and T-ara’s Eunjung will be in “Couple Manager,” and Oh Yu Jin will be in “Phishing.”

“You can anticipate a diverse range of charms, spanning from intense horror to the thrill of mystery as each episode explores different themes of horror. We ask for your high expectations and interest,” the production team stated.

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