Yoon Noh Seo And Hong Kyung may play one of the main characters in the upcoming Korean remake of “Hear Me”!

According to Sports Chosun, Noh Yoon Seo and Hong Kyung have been cast as the main leads in the Korean remake of the Taiwanese film “Hear Me.”

According to a source from Noh Yoon Seo’s agency MAA, “Noh Yoon Seo has received an offer to star in the Korean remake of ‘Hear Me’ and is positively reviewing the offer.”

According to a representative for Hong Kyung’s agency Management MMM, the actor is also considering his offer to appear in the new remake of “Hear Me.”

“Hear Me” is a 2009 Taiwanese romantic comedy film starring Ivy Chen, Eddie Peng, and Michelle Chen about a hearing man who falls in love with a hearing-impaired woman at first sight. “Hear Me” received a lot of love when it first came out in Korea, and it now has a large Korean fan base.

Are you looking forward to this potential lineup? Stay tuned for more updates!

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