Kim Min Seok has spoken out about his upcoming drama “Delivery Man”!

“Delivery Man” follows a taxi driver who only gives rides to ghosts (played by Yoon Chan Young) and a ghost with memory loss (played by Girl’s Day’s Minah) as they work together to solve crimes.

Kim Min Seok will play Do Gyu Min, an overworked emergency room doctor who ends up assisting the unusual crime-solving duo. Do Gyu Min is a talented doctor who is respected for his skill and dedication. He is a consummate professional who can maintain his composure even in the most tense emergency situations.

Kim Min Seok described his initial reaction to the drama’s script as being charmed by its unusual subject matter. “I thought the subject matter would be heavy when I first saw the keywords’mystery-solving drama,”souls,’ and ‘taxi for ghosts,'” he explained. “However, the drama was unexpectedly entertaining.”

“Every case piqued my interest, and they were all interconnected, which I found intriguing,” Kim Min Seok added.

“I thought he was a different type of character than other doctor roles I’d played in the past,” Kim Min Seok said of Do Gyu Min. He isn’t a doctor with a perfect, elite background. But his work ethic and strength on the life-and-death frontlines of the emergency room are unrivaled.”

“I found that aspect of the character appealing, and I thought I could do a good job [portraying him], so I ended up taking part in the drama,” he continued.

“Delivery Man” will premiere on Genie TV, ENA, and TVING on March 1.

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