New stills of Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun have been released for the upcoming film “Love and Leashes”!

“Love and Leashes,” based on a webtoon, is about the thrilling romance between Ji Hoo (Lee Jun Young), a perfect man with unique tastes, and his junior colleague Ji Woo (Seohyun), who discovers Ji Hoo’s secret by accident.

Jung Ji Woo, Seohyun’s character, is a PR (public relations) team employee who hides a warm heart beneath her seemingly cold exterior. She excels at her job and is not afraid to say what needs to be said. She is open about her emotions and, when it comes to love, she is surprisingly direct and bold. Jung Ji Woo appears in the new stills as a professional and highly capable office worker, dressed simply but effectively and looking polished and poised.

When she unintentionally opens a package addressed to Ji Hoo, her assistant manager, she discovers his hidden sexual preferences. She develops an interest in him, begins researching his preferences, and eventually signs a contract to become his “mistress/domme.” They learn more about their own preferences as they respect each other’s.

“The film tells a refreshing story about love without prejudices,” Seohyun said. I deliberated for a long time about how to strike a balance between fantasy and reality, and I worked hard to depict complicated feelings and inner lives.”

“It’s not easy to make a reserved and hard character feel natural, but she did it well,” director Park Hyun Jin said. Many people will discover a new side to Seohyun as a result of this.”

The premiere of “Love and Leashes” is set for February 11th.

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