Ji Chang-wook has been making everyone feel the kilig with his top-notch acting skills and diverse characters in many of his popular Korean drama series and films, aside from his swoon-worthy looks.

Ji Chang-wook has played a variety of memorable roles on screen, including Seo Jung-hoo in ‘Healer,’ Kim Je-ha in ‘The K2,’ No Ji-wook in ‘Suspicious Partner,’ and Choi Dae-hyun in ‘Backstreet Rookie.’

Indeed, the Hallyu star’s versatility and undeniable charm continue to win the hearts of many fans all over the world.

In this gallery, you can learn more about Ji Chang-personal wook’s life as well as his illustrious career as an actor.

Ji Chang-wook 
Ji Chang-wook is a South Korean actor who debuted in 2008. He is a member of the Glorious Entertainment talent agency.

Ji Chang-wook was born on July 5, 1987, in the South Korean province of Gyeonggi, making him 34 years old. If you enjoy taking compatibility tests, the award-winning actor is a Cancer.


Did you know that the well-known South Korean celebrity is an only child? His father died when he was a young boy, so the 34-year-old actor was raised by his mother.


Ji Chang-wook enlisted in the mandatory military service in August 2017 and was discharged in April 2019.

Social media 

His Instagram account is filled with swoon-worthy and adorable photos of the well-known South Korean actor. With over 18.8 million followers, the ‘Backstreet Rookie’ star also has a large fan base.

Past projects 

Chang-wook has appeared in a number of K-drama series, and his swoon-worthy charm and commendable acting abilities have made everyone go kilig. ‘Suspicious Partner,’ ‘Empress Ki,’ ‘The K2,’ ‘Healer,’ ‘Melting Me Softly,’ and ‘Backstreet Rookie’ are among his most popular projects.

Chinese drama 

He co-starred in the 2016 Chinese drama series ‘The Whirlwind Girl 2’ with Leo Wu, An Yue Xi, Chen Xiang, and Tan Song Yun.

Magazine cover 

Ji Chang-wook will grace the cover of the December issue of fashion and lifestyle magazine L’Officiel Philippines in 2021.


Bench, a local lifestyle brand, is one of Ji Chang-many wook’s endorsements. The Korean celebrity was mostly interested in the scents of the aforementioned brand.


Chang-wook is undeniably one of the most sought-after actors in South Korea’s entertainment industry. Throughout his acting career, he has received awards such as Best Actor (daily drama) at the 2011 KBS Drama Awards, Male Excellence Award for Special Production Drama at the 2013 MBC Drama Awards, and Popularity Award at the 2014 KBS Drama Awards.

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