The chemistry of Kim Ji Won and Son Seok Gu from the upcoming episode of “My Liberation Notes” has been revealed!

“My Liberation Notes,” directed by Kim Seok Yoon and written by Park Hae Young of “My Mister” and “Another Oh Hae Young,” is a drama about three siblings who want to escape their suffocating lives and the events that unfold when a mysterious outsider arrives in their town. Son Seok Gu plays the alcoholic outsider who unexpectedly changes their lives, while Kim Ji Won, Lee Min Ki, and Lee El play the three frustrated siblings.

On “My Liberation Notes,” Yeom Mi Jung (Kim Ji Won) and Mr. Gu (Son Seok Gu) began to open their hearts to one another and influence one another’s lives. Mr. Gu attempted to become a different person while “worshipping” Yeom Mi Jung, eventually becoming motivated to clean up his house and begin making changes in his life. When she was around, he started smiling, which made the viewers smile as well.

Meanwhile, Yeom Mi Jung became more upbeat as a result of her interactions with Mr. Gu, and she even decided to befriend her coworkers.

In newly released stills from the drama’s next episode, Yeom Mi Jung and Mr. Gu sit side by side on a bus, highlighting how at ease these two strangers have become with one another.

Another photograph shows the neighbors alone at Mr. Gu’s house at night, exchanging glances as the romantic tension between them grows palpable.

However, an intriguing third image from the upcoming episode suggests that Yeom Mi Jung will face more than just budding romance this week.

Yeom Mi Jung, sitting alone in the dark at work, tears up as she holds her phone to her ear, piqued viewers’ interest in what news she might have heard to upset her.

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