“Kill Heel” on tvN has released new stills of Kim Ha Neul and Kim Sung Ryung!

“Kill Heel” is a new tvN drama about three ambitious women battling it out in the competitive world of home shopping networks. Kim Ha Neul plays show host Woo Hyun, who was once one of the most successful hosts on UNI Home Shopping but is now barely hanging on to her job. Lee Hye Young plays UNI Home Shopping vice president Mo Ran, who rose from humble beginnings to the top, while Kim Sung Ryung plays top show host Ok Sun, who is married to a famous politician and appears to have it all.

In the previous episode, Hyun Wook (Kim Jae Chul) was drawn to Woo Hyun by Mo Ran’s plans because she resembled Hae Soo (Seo Eun), the woman he once loved. Woo Hyun was given a pair of deep red kill heels by Hyun Wook, who began to open her eyes to her desires, building excitement for her transformation.

Woo Hyun is shown solidifying her new position at the top in the newly released stills. Woo Hyun, who has a cheerful expression both on and off camera, demonstrates that she has found more leisure in her life. Furthermore, Jun Beom (Jung Eui Jae) is as delighted as Woo Hyun to see her return. Despite the fact that he harbors unexpected hidden desires, Jun Beom’s wide smile in front of Woo Hyun is genuine.

Ok Sun, on the other hand, appears to be in an entirely different situation. Ok Sun is seen in the new photos tying her husband In Guk’s (Jeon No Min) necktie. Despite the fact that she appears affectionate, her expression in the following image completely changes the mood. Ok Sun reaches for In Guk’s neck, her reddened eyes filled with confusion and rage, raising questions about what happened to the once-perfect couple.

Woo Hyun will form a new team with Jun Beom and Sung Woo in the upcoming episode of “Kill Heel” (Moon Ji In). Meanwhile, Ok Sun will reveal to Mo Ran her family’s secrets, which she has been suffering from alone.

“Kill Heel’s” production team stated, “Woo Hyun’s greed, which has just begun to sprout, will grow quickly and shake up everything.” This will be an exciting episode that viewers will be unable to look away from as Mo Ran’s and Ok Sun’s previously hidden secrets are revealed.”

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