An unsettling sneak peek of “If You Wish Upon Meupcoming “‘s episode has been released!

The drama “If You Wish Upon Me” was influenced by a real Dutch charity that grants the wishes of terminally sick patients. Yoon Gyeo Re, played by Ji Chang Wook, is a character who has been tested to the breaking point by a challenging existence filled with hardships. But when he is forced to work as a volunteer at a hospice, he discovers that his life is altering in unexpected ways while still fulfilling the patients’ requests.

Yoon Gyeo Re and Seo Yeon Joo (Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung) are seen mourning someone together at a funeral in newly released stills from the drama’s next episode. The two stripes on Yoon Gyeo Re’s armband appear to indicate that he is hosting the funeral, while Yeom Soon Ja (Yang Hee Kyung) of Team Genie comforts Seo Yeon Joo, raising the question of whose funeral they are attending.

Another photo shows Ha Joon Kyung (Won Ji An) attending the funeral, her first meeting with Yoon Gyeo Re since he escaped to the hospital. Notably, her aura is lighter than it was before, indicating that she has undergone some psychological growth since their last encounter.

“If You Wish Upon Me” producers stated, “With only two episodes remaining until the end, Ji Chang Wook will display explosive acting skills that will stir deep sorrow in Episode 15.” The plot will unfold in an exciting whirlwind until the very end, so please keep an eye out for it.”

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