While her latest hit Till the End of the Moon> is still trending on social media, Bai Lu () will most likely continue her hot streak with Story of Kunning Palace>. Although no official confirmations have been made, the iQiyi series is expected to premiere on May 18. Over 3 million people have reserved to watch, and the trailer has received over 8 million views in one day!

Adapted from author Shi Jing’s web novel Kun Ning (), Story of Kunning Palace follows fallen queen Jiang Xuening (Bai Lu), who is forced to commit suicide after the palace is besieged and the emperor is killed. She vows to uncover the truth about Emperor Pingnan’s traitors 20 years after her rebirth by collaborating with imperial preceptor Xie Wei (Zhang Linghe).

Bai Lu, who plays the calm and intelligent Xuening, will become entangled in a complicated quadrangle relationship with the talented and strategic Xie Wei, the cool and righteous official Zhang Zhe (Wang Xingyue), and the straightforward and cheerful young master Yan Lin (Zhou Junwei).

According to the exciting trailer, Bai Lu’s chemistry with Zhang Linghe is the most intense, which is to be expected given their offscreen romantic rumors. The actress has been seen twice at the latter’s home since last year. They were also discovered wearing matching couple shoes and acting suspiciously close on set. While they never addressed the dating rumors, it is widely assumed that Bai Lu and Linghe fell in love while filming the drama.

Many viewers are looking forward to the premiere of The Story of Kunning Palace, saying, “I really want to see a real couple acting together!” I’m shipping them as a couple right now!” and “This appears to be very promising–can’t wait to see it soon!”

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