Zhao Lusi (Chinese: ; born 9 November 1998) is a Chinese actress and singer who goes by the stage name Rosy.

Here are some of the best drama series titles ever starring artist Zhao Lusi

1. The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Having finally sold her TV series script, aspiring screenwriter Chen Xiao Qian soon falls under the scrutiny of the male lead, who refuses to act out the role. Vowing to make her script successful, she starts re-writing. While napping, she is transported into her own story, becoming the Third Princess Chen Qian Qian, a side character. Armed with the knowledge of her own script in which her character is soon to be killed in the third episode by Prince Han Shuo, the male lead, Xiao Qian is determined to stay alive and find her way back home.

Native Title: 传闻中的陈芊芊
Also Known As: Chuan Wen Zhong De San Gong Zhu , The Third Princess From the Rumors , The Rumored Third Princess , 传闻中的三公主 , The rumored Chen Qianqian , Chuan wen zhong de chen qian qian , TROTR
Director: Cha Chuen Yee
Screenwriter: Nan Zhen
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy.

2. The Long Ballad

Li Chang Ge’s family was murdered by Li Shi Min, the Emperor of Tang, during the Xuanwu Gate Incident. She heads to Shuo Province under the guise of a man with hopes of raising an army to kill Li Shi Min to avenge her family’s death. However, as a captain of the army of Shuo Province in Zhangzhou, she loses a siege by the Eastern Turkic Khaganate General Ashina Sun, who takes her to serve him as a personal military strategist.

Adapted from the manhua by Xia Da (夏达).

Native Title: 长歌行
Also Known As: Song of the Long March , Princess Changge , Princess Chang Ge , Chang Ge Xing , 長歌行 , The Long March of Princess Changge
Screenwriter: Chang Jiang, Pei Yu Fei
Director: Chu Yui Bun
Genres: Action, Historical, Romance, War.

3. Who Rules The World

Hei Feng Xi is handsome and elegant while Bai Feng Xi is majestic and unrestrained. Opposites attract as both are unrivaled in skill and intellect. Caught in the warfare and chaos of the martial arts and political worlds, the flowers of love begin to bloom amidst the blood that has been sacrificed within the last ten years. Trying to keep their identities hidden, they constantly have to be three steps ahead when dealing with much political unrest, betrayal, infighting, and the ultimate battle for the imperial throne. They join hands, seeking justice, while trying to calm the ever growing uncertainty brought on by an unseen malice. But will their love bring peace to a chaotic time and who will ultimately rule the world?

Native Title: 且试天下
Also Known As: Who Gets The World , Qie Shi Tian Xia , 且試天下
Director: Yin Tao, Yu Yong Gang
Screenwriter: Shang Meng Lu
Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy.

4. Love of Thousand Years

A story about a forbidden romance that has weathered ten lifetimes and endured a thousand years of waiting.

Set in the ancient era, Zuo Xiang, an official from the Great Yan, colludes with the enemy and causes the demise of his own kingdom. Fu Jiu Yun rescues the Yan princess from harm. After witnessing her people being enslaved, the princess now known as Qin Chuan makes a vow to save them as she embarks on a search for the spiritual lamp.

Qin Chuan and Fu Jiu Yun fall in love, but they soon discover that Fu Jiu Yun is the lamp wick needed to ignite the spiritual lamp and that he will disappear along with the person who lights the lamp. Can they willingly embrace their fates?

Native Title: 三千鸦杀
Also Known As: The Killing of Three Thousand Crows , San Qian Ya Sha , Saam Chin A Saat , 三千鴉殺
Director: Hui Yu
Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy

5. Love Better Than Immortality

In the year 2196 technology has advanced so much, that what was once considered extraordinary has now become ordinary. No longer troubled by the cares of daily life, nor plagued by the fear of death, humans have attained a new level of existence. But immortality comes at a cost. Trading the genuine experiences of a life well-lived for those attained through virtual reality programs, humans can do the impossible. But some, like Chun Hua, have found that these virtual experiences just can’t satisfy their innate need to experience something real.

Dissatisfied with her life, Chun Hua longs to experience true love. Seeking out a program that guarantees an experience like no other, Chun Hua agrees to take part in a most unusual adventure, giving up her immortality for a chance to experience true love. Waking up in a completely different world, Chun Hua finds herself quickly entangled in a complicated love story between the arrogant and aggressive Qiu Yue and the kind and gentle Xiao Bai.

Mortal enemies, Qiu Yue and Xiao Bai, are as different as night and day, yet both find themselves falling for Chun Hua. Torn between love at first sight and love strengthened over time, Chun Hua must decide which man has truly won her heart.

Adapted from the novel with the same name written by author Shu Ke.

Native Title: 天雷一部之春花秋月
Also Known As: Spring Flower, Autumn Moon , Thunder Spring Festival , Love’s Better Than Immortality , Tian Lei Yi Bu Zhi Chun Hua Qiu Yue
Director: Huang Chun
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy.

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