Recently, Who Rules the World (且试天下), wuxia drama starring Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi, is being broadcast on Tencent Video.

Tencent’s wuxia romance Who Rules The World>, starring Yang Yang () and Rosy Zhao Lusi (), premiered on April 18. Aside from the visually stunning action-packed scenes, many fans are looking forward to Yang Yang and Lusi’s dynamics and chemistry.

The kingdom is divided into seven sections, the most important of which is the emperor’s family. A person who possesses the Xuan Ji Ling () can command six states.

The disappearance of the Xuan Ji Ling, on the other hand, has caused chaos, and the power-hungry heroes are out in force, all vying to be the first to find the Xuan Ji Ling and achieve their own supremacy power.

Hei Feng Xi and Bai Feng Xi are also involved; they are not only involved in the enormous power and conspiracy between the court and the martial arts world, but they also write their own martial arts romance saga.

Who Rules the World’s plot is not based on historical dynasties, but the exciting game of court, the thrilling martial arts fighting scenes, and the sweet emotional scenes allow the audience to easily enter the plot.

In terms of characters, the male and female protagonists’ dual identities stand out. The unique setting of the two protagonists determines the level of conflict and emotional tension in the story, from Hei Feng Xi and Bai Feng Xi in the martial arts world to the royal son Feng Lan Xi and princess Feng Xi Yun in the court.

Who Rules the World has achieved a balanced play in terms of cinematography, art, makeup, action, and special effects.

Thrilling martial arts sequences
Who Rules the World has featured a high frequency of martial arts fighting scenes since the show’s inception.

The first scene gets right to the point: the theft of the Xuan Ji Ling, which was created by the dynasty’s founding emperor and can command the kingdom. When the news broke, the entire country was shocked, and everyone began looking for traces of the Xuan Ji Ling in order to obtain it first.

The scene then shifts to Yan Ying Zhou, Jizhou’s general, who is carrying the Xuan Ji Ling and leading a group of light horsemen on a fast run. The Jianghu people who want to kidnap Xuanji are chasing him behind him.

But this is just a blindfold; the Xuan Ji Ling Yan Ying Zhou is carrying is a forgery, and its purpose is to buy time until the real Xuanji Order is issued.

In the fierce battle, Yan Ying Zhou fought and retreated until his men were all wiped out, leaving him alone. To fend off the group, he rolled over and landed on his back, one man and one sword.

Bai Feng Xi, the heroine, appeared at this point. She couldn’t stand by and watch Yan Ying Zhou besieged, so she intervened to save him.

And not far away, Hei Feng Xi, the wise Yongzhou royal son Feng Lan Xi, is silently observing the unfolding of events.

In the sixth episode, there is also an impressive fight scene.

Because of the loss of the Xuan Ji Ling, the kingdom is in turmoil, and at this critical juncture, the extremely ruthless Soul Breaker Sect has also appeared in the martial arts world.

They robbed the four great families of Bing, Yao, Zhen, and Ma in order to collect their masterpieces. They missed out on the Ma family, however, because the Bai Feng Xi’s prevented it.

The Soul Breaker Sect sent six masters to assist in taking down the Ma family, while the Bai Feng Xi and Hei Feng Xi secretly joined forces.

As a result, the duel between Bai Feng Xi and the six masters provided the audience with a fantastic fight scene. Bai Feng Xi uses the white Aya and sword as weapons to fight these six experts, and the action is sometimes floating and light, sometimes quick and accurate, and sometimes full of power.

And Hei Feng Xi’s assistance, first in detoxifying the injured Bai Feng Xi, and then in dueling with the remaining four masters. The action style is harsher and more decisive.

The fight is carried out by the scheming minister, Yu Gongzi, who, despite his brief appearance in this drama, has an impact on both the dynastic and emotional storylines.

This scene is a visual feast as well as the core of a three-line intertwined drama, which is a good example of Who Rules the World’s characteristics: the elements of love, martial arts world, and the imperial court are integrated into a story, and the gorgeous images are supported by the above-standard production.

Excellent Visual Experience

Who Rules the World is full of exciting scenes, such as Bai Feng Xi rescuing Yan Ying Zhou in the dense bamboo forest. Bai Fengxi’s appearance in plain white wear, foot on the bamboo tip of the light, and complex but smooth fight scenes set each other off.

The sword formation is more stylized in the first encounter between Bai Feng Xi and the Soul Breaker Sect. The shape of the dozens of curved swords, the first and last, is strange and strange. It provides a unique visual experience by emphasizing the strange and fast.

The sets in the court and palace scenes are also extremely detailed. There is no specific historical dynasty that supports Who Rules the World, but the main character’s dual identity clearly inspired the creators. The designers incorporated two sets of visual symbols, elegant and noble, into a framework that adheres to the aesthetic of ancient style.

The palace scenes in the first 12 episodes take place in Yongzhou. The most important scene is the grand hall, where the king of Yong and his ministers meet in pilgrimage, and the art style here emphasizes grandeur. The walls and pillars on both sides are painted in contrasting colors of stone green and vermilion red, and a golden throne sits in the center of the hall.

The king of Yong is dressed in purple, the ministers in white, and the three princes in various green and vermilion costumes during the court meeting. The entire scene adheres to the contemporary aesthetics of the ancient style while retaining the palace’s majestic aura.

When it comes to the Feng Lan Xi’s residence, the color scheme is still the contrasting colors of stone green and vermilion red, but there are more blocking objects such as flower windows, screens, and corridors to increase the visual hierarchy. A framework composition of moving and changing scenes is formed using this type of scenery and a large number of integrated motion shots. This residence’s refinement and elegance are both visually appealing and easily appreciated by the audience.

Integration and Inclusion
Who Rules the World is an eclectic drama that not only combines elements of romance, martial arts, and court, but also delves into the setting of the protagonists’ characters’ dual identities.

First and foremost, Who Rules the World investigates the novelty of the fight scenes from various perspectives and makes an effort to develop the concept of jianghu and the imperial court.

It also introduces the enigmatic dark force of the Soul Breaker Sect into the chaotic world. This force is not only tasked with commanding the Jianghu, but also with forming a regular army and even threatening the imperial court. Coupled with the gradual expansion of the forces in the six domestic states, the original mutual checks and balances of the various forces began to show signs of discord. These two elements complicate the plot’s direction.

Who Rules the World doesn’t have a lot of sweet emotional scenes. Hei Feng Xi and Bai Feng Xi are famous martial arts masters in both the original and the drama, and each has a mysterious noble identity, laying the groundwork for their subsequent ideal of “ruling the country and securing the state.”

The unique creative path of this drama is to write a big situation with small feelings, to write the world with an individual. The main theme of Who Rules the World is no longer limited to the values of traditional martial arts dramas, but instead expresses fearless courage to help and protect the people. Overall, it’s worth watching.

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