The first script reading for tvN’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “My Lovely Liar” has been released, along with photos capturing the actors’ professionalism!

“My Lovely Liar” is a mystery romance drama about a woman who can hear lies and a brilliant producer who keeps his identity hidden.

Actors Kim So Hyun, Hwang Minhyun, Yoon Ji On, Seo Ji Hoon, Lee Si Woo, Ha Jong Woo, Park Kyung Hye, Song Jin Woo, and Jo Jin Se, as well as director Nam Seong Woo and writer Seo Jung Eun, gathered for the script reading and displayed excellent chemistry.

Kim So Hyun plays Mok Sol Hee, a woman whose supernatural ability to hear lies has caused her to lose faith in others. Hwang Minhyun plays successful music producer Kim Do Ha, who is hiding from the world due to a personal tragedy. He gradually regains his smile after moving in next door to Mok Sol Hee.

Jo Deuk Chan, the head of J Entertainment and the only person who knows Do Ha’s secret, is played by Yoon Ji On. He treats Do Ha like a brother and is the one who inspired him to write songs. Seo Ji Hoon transforms into Sol Hee’s first love, police detective Lee Kang Min, who reunites with her after three years. Lee Si Woo portrays top solo artist Sha On, who considers herself to be Do Ha’s soulmate.

Furthermore, Ha Jong Woo, who plays Mok Sol Hee’s bodyguard Baek Chi Hoon, Park Kyung Hye, who plays superstitious tarot magician Cassandra, Song Jin Woo, who transforms into J Entertainment songwriter Park Moo Jin, who considers Do Ha to be his rival, and Jo Jin Se, who plays Yeonseo Bakery’s CEO So Bo Ro, filled the script reading site with laughter with their performances as scene stealers.

Below is a video of the script reading session!

“My Lovely Liar” will be released in July. Stay tuned for more information!

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