JTBC has unveiled a fresh preview of its upcoming drama, “Welcome to Samdalri.”

Directed by Cha Young Hoon, known for his work on “When the Camellia Blooms,” the forthcoming romantic series features Ji Chang Wook as Jo Yong Pil, a devoted resident of Jeju Island who has chosen to remain in his hometown throughout his life to safeguard its inhabitants. Shin Hye Sun co-stars as Jo Sam Dal, Jo Yong Pil’s childhood friend who, in contrast to him, aspired to escape their small town and pursue her dream of becoming a photographer in Seoul.

The teaser commences with Sam Dal narrating, “In my hometown of Jeju, there’s one particular teaching that they emphasize the most while instructing haenyeo [female divers]. ‘Don’t get too greedy, and just stay [underwater] for as long as your breath can last. And when you can’t hold out any longer, return above water, where you started, and catch your breath.’”

The sneak peek reveals glimpses of Sam Dal’s hard-earned success in the fashion industry collapsing in Seoul, leading her to return to Samdalri. Reunited with her ex-boyfriend Yong Pil, he encourages her to find her true self, saying, “So let’s find her. Not the photographer Jo Eun Hye, but the real Jo Sam Dal.”

As Sam Dal embarks on a journey of self-discovery and healing, she defends her return to Samdalri, stating, “Who says I came back because I failed? I simply came back to the place where I used to be.” Flashbacks depict Sam Dal’s early aspirations of becoming a photographer before leaving Jeju for Seoul.

In a poignant moment, Sam Dal addresses Yong Pil, saying, “Didn’t you tell me to find her? Jo Sam Dal and not Jo Eun Hye?” Proudly displaying an instant camera, she declares, “This is Jo Sam Dal. Jo Sam Dal used this [to take photos]. One shot, one kill.”

The teaser concludes with Yong Pil remarking, “I told you, there are things that don’t change even with time.” Sam Dal concurs, “You were right. It turns out there are things that don’t change.” Yong Pil questions, “Like me?”

“Welcome to Samdalri” is set to premiere on December 2 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Viewers can anticipate the unraveling of a compelling narrative exploring themes of hometown ties, personal growth, and the constancy of certain aspects in life.

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