1. Nirvana In Fire 瑯琊榜

Nirvana In Fire is a 54-episode drama starring Hu Ge, Tamia Liu, and Wang Kai that tells the story of a brilliant strategist who assists an uncovered prince in his battle for the throne.

The screenplay is well-written, and the plot is well-paced as it unfolds. You know how most shows are boring at first and only become interesting around episode 15 or so? Nirvana In Fire is amazing and will hook you in from the first episode.

The drama has an amazing cast as well, but it is a political drama as well as a wuxia drama, so it may not be for everyone.

2. Word Of Honor 山河令

Word Of Honor is a 36-episode drama starring Zhang Zhehan and Simon Gong that tells the story of Zhou Zishu, who becomes embroiled in a martial arts conspiracy after quitting his job as the leader of an organization responsible for protecting royalty.

He meets Wen Kexing, a mysterious martial artist who leaves the ghost valley to avenge his parent’s death, on his journey through Jianghu. They become good friends and set out on an adventure to find a legendary treasure that bestows ultimate power over Jiangsu on its owner.

Word Of Honor is a bl, wuxia drama that surprised everyone when it premiered at the end of February with no promotion and skyrocketed to the top, becoming one of the most watched and highly rated dramas at the time.

The chemistry between Zhang Zhehan and Simon Gong is fantastic, and fans of the novel are overjoyed with how faithful it has stayed to the book in terms of casting and screenwriting. Word Of Honor will have you hooked from the start.

3. Ancient Detective 侠探简不知

Ancient Detective is a 24-episode drama starring Tim Yu, Wang Yanyang, and Rachel Wang that follows the story of an amnesiac detective Jian Buzhi on a quest to discover the truth about his father’s death and identify his father’s killer. Along the way, he meets love and a good friend in Jianghu, who helps him solve mysterious cases.

The plot of Ancient Detective, a wuxia mystery drama, is predictable but interestingly executed. Every episode has its own set of twists and turns, as well as a number of cliffhangers.

The chemistry between the male and female leads is excellent, as is their acting, which includes the second male lead. I can’t wait for the second season because the second male lead is hilarious.

The fighting scenes in Ancient Detective are beautifully done, and the cinematography has a Jianghu vibe.

4. Love In Between 少年游之一寸相思

Love In Between is a 43-episode drama starring Gala Zhang and Zhang Yaqin that tells the story of Zuo Qing Ci, the son of a Marquis who hides his noble roots to travel in Jianghu as a physician in search of a missing scroll of the mountain river painting that belongs to the Imperial court. Along the way, he meets and falls in love with a bandit named Fek Kou Er.

The drama is intelligently written, and viewers will be hooked from the start. The storyline of the drama is amazing, with dark and intriguing wuxia plots and a lot of close-up scenes, but the fight scene is well made.

The plot is well driven and the drama is distinct from other wuxia dramas. The drama has just the right amount of sadness and sweetness. The visuals were good, and the martial arts were well done.

5. The Legend Of The Condor Heroes 射雕英雄傳

The Legend Of The Condor Heroes, a 52-episode drama starring William Yang, Li Yitong, Chen Xingxu, and Zoey Meng, is set in the Song dynasty and revolves around the friendship of two men, Yang Tiexin and Guo Xiaotian, who became heroes in their own right as they fought the Jin invaders.

Their bond was so strong that they made a promise to each other that if their unborn children are the same gender, they will become sworn siblings or marry if they are not.

The drama focuses on their sons’ trials and tribulations following Guo Xiaotian’s death and Yang Tiexin’s disappearance. This is the tenth remake of the classic The Legend Of The Condor Heroes.

For those who are unaware, The Legend Of The Condor Heroes is the first installment of The Condor trilogy, with The Return Of The Condor Heroes coming next and Heavenly Sword And Dragon Slaying Sabre coming third.

Because they are wuxia classics, these stories are constantly remade. Check out The Legend Of The Condor Heroes if you’re looking for a puer wuxia drama game with a lot of action.

6. Love A Lifetime 暮白首

Love A Lifetime is a 45-episode drama starring Allen Ren and Zhang Huiwen that tells the story of Nalan Yue, a man with two identities, who falls for Rong Hua, a young maiden with a good heart, but their ties are deeper and more complicated due to the generation before them.

The fight scenes are exciting and well-executed, and they are one of the drama’s highlights. The pace is neither fast nor slow, but just right for the necessary events to take place.

The drama is filled with multi-dimensional characters who leave you wondering what the characters will do next.

7. Handsome Siblings 绝代双骄

Handsome Siblings, a 44-episode drama starring Chen Zheyuan and Hu Yitian, tells the story of twin brothers who were separated at birth but grew up to be supreme martial artists.

They were raised to seek vengeance on each other, but they end up becoming good friends. They vow to take over the martial arts world while also searching for their true identities.

One of the drama’s selling points was the relationship between the two main leads, and I also liked how Chen Zheyuan portrayed Xiaoyu’er. He was adorable, funny, and natural, and I don’t think they could have cast a better actor than Chen Zheyuan.

If you’re looking for romance, you’ll most likely be disappointed. Relationships aren’t emphasized much in the drama. If you despise love triangles as much as I do, don’t worry because they aren’t the focus of the drama.

It generates just the right amount of conflict to spur growth. The fight scenes were awesome, and I really liked how they were choreographed.

8. Heavenly Sword And Dragon Slaying Sabre 倚天屠龙记

Heavenly Sword And Dragon Slaying Sabre is a 50-episode drama starring Joseph Zeng, Yukee Chen, and Bambi Zhu that tells the story of Zhang Wuji, a young boy who became an orphan at a young age when his parents became involved in the Heavenly Sword And Dragon Slaying Sabre because it is said that whoever obtains it will have the ultimate power to rule the world. Years later, Wuji is embroiled in a power struggle and must fight to save himself and his family.

Heavenly Sword And Dragon Slaying Sabre is the final installment of the classic Condor trilogy. This is a puer wuxia drama with all of the elements of wuxia.

The fight scenes are well done, but they used too many slow motions and unbelievable CGI, but it’s still a good drama to watch.

9. And The Winner Is Love 月上重火

And The Winner Is Love is a 48-episode drama starring Luo Yunxi and Yukee Chen that tells the story of Chong Xue Zhi, the young mistress of the Hall of Flame, who embarks on a journey through Jianghu and meets Shangguan Tou, the master of the Moon Valley who falls in love with her.

I don’t know much about this drama because I stopped watching it around episode 8. Personally, I believe that the plot of this drama could have been much better if the scriptwriter had focused on the plot rather than the conversations and the slow pace.

10. Legend Of Fei 有翡

Legend Of Fei is a 51-episode drama starring Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo that tells the story of Zhou Fei, a martial arts natural from a prominent family who runs away from home and travels across the country to cultivate her skills while learning from various masters. She meets Xie Yun, the Crown Prince of the Southern Dynasty’s son, who saves her from drowning, and they fight evil forces in the pugilistic world together.

The CGI was mediocre, and it was limited to a few scenes, particularly those involving animals, but the soundtrack was pleasant, and I particularly enjoyed the opening OST. I finished all 51 episodes of Legend Of Fei, and it’s a good drama to watch if you like Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo.

11. Swordsman 笑傲江湖

Wallace Huo, Joe Chen, and Yuan Shanshan star. Swordsman is a 42-episode drama about Ling Hu Chong, an orphan and senior student of the Huashan Sect, and his journey and development as a swordsman through Jianghu. Along the way, he discovers friendship and love.

Ling Hu Chong and Dongfang Bu Bai have a hot chemistry. It’s the drama’s best feature, and I adore the opening OST. It’s a good drama to watch if you like wuxia and a little romance on the side.

12. The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒

The Moon Brightens For You is a 36-episode drama starring Alan Yu and Xing Fei that follows the story of Lin Fang and Zhan Qing Hong as they struggle and grow to become the martial arts leader of Jianghu. The second male lead’s relationship with the main female lead is the focus of the first half of the drama.

Although some parts are humorous, there are also serious and captivating moments. What distinguishes the drama is its plot, which begins relatively cliche and light and progresses to a more serious tone.

13. The Romance Of The Condor Heroes 神雕侠侣

2021 Top 15 Wuxia Chinese Drama

The Romance Of The Condor Heroes is a 54-episode drama starring Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen that tells the story of Yang Guo and his love interest Xiaolong Nu, who is also his teacher, as it is forbidden for the master and his apprentice to fall in love. The Romance Of The Condor Heroes is the second installment of the classic Condor trilogy.

Let me know in the comments if you plan on reading any of The Condor trilogies.

14. Listening Snow Tower 听雪楼

Listening Snow Tower is a 56-episode drama starring Qin Junjie and Crystal Yuan that follows the master of Listening Snow Tower and the woman he loves, also known as the blood demon’s daughter. The drama takes place in a pugilistic world where swordsmen roam and various sects vie for power.

Listening Snow Tower has an intriguing story, but many scenes, in my opinion, dragged on for far too long. The drama has beautiful cinematography and reminded me of Legend of Fuyao. The martial arts scenes are also quite good.

15. The Long Ballad 长歌行

The Long Ballad is a 49-episode drama starring Dilireba, Leo Wu, and Zhao Lusi that follows the story of Li Chang Ge, who vows to avenge her parents after her family is murdered by Li Shi Min, the Emperor of Tang, during the Xuanwu gate incident.

She travels to Shuo Province disguised as a man in the hopes of raising an army to kill Li Shi Min in order to avenge her family’s death, and she meets General Ashina Sun, who accepts her as his personal military strategist.

The drama, which debuted a few weeks ago, is thrilling and suspenseful. It is fast-paced and ripping, and it is set in different kingdoms, similar to Nirvana In Fire, where different kingdoms fight for power, so it may not be suitable for everyone.

Because the drama is a political drama with a lot of action, I decided to include it on the list. If you’re going to see The Long Ballad, you should also see Princess Agents, starring Zhao Liying and Kenny Lin. Both dramas have a lot of action, but they aren’t considered wuxia dramas.

Which of these Chinese dramas and characters is your favorite? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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