“Love is for Suckers,” ENA’s newest drama series, has just premiered, and the producers have released three key points fans should keep in mind and look out for as they dive into this new drama!

“Love is for Suckers” is a romantic comedy series about Goo Yeo Reum (Lee Da Hee) and Park Jae Hoon (Choi Siwon), best friends for 20 years who participate in a dating reality show as producers and contestants, respectively, and the unexpected romantic feelings they begin to feel for one another as the show progresses.

  1. Choi Gyu Shik, director, and Kim Sol Ji, writer
    Kim Sol Ji is the brilliant writer behind works such as “Heading to the Ground,” “Syndrome,” and “Pegasus Market,” while Choi Gyu Shik directed notable dramas such as “Rude Miss Young Ae,” “Let’s Eat” Seasons 2 and 3, and “Drinking Solo,” all of which explore the reality of single people’s daily lives and love stories. Fans anticipating the drama have gotten a glimpse of their stand-out characters through teaser stills and preview clips of “Love is for Suckers.” The writer and director have stated their desire to create a romantic comedy that is both emotional and healing, and fans can expect nothing less than the best from “Love is for Suckers.
  1. Best buddies Park Jae Hoon and Goo Yeo Reum
    Goo Yeo Reum is a producer who has been working on reality and variety shows for ten years and has never had the opportunity to pursue a relationship. Meanwhile, Park Jae Hoon is uninterested in both love and his own work as an on-call plastic surgeon. These two have been friends for 20 years, through the best and worst of times, and have more than earned the title of “best friends.”

Both Lee Da Hee and Choi Siwon are displaying completely different sides of their acting abilities, breaking away from the roles they have previously played. Viewers can expect to be smitten not only by the visuals they bring to this rom-com, but also by their flawless acting and emotional portrayals of these distinct characters.

  1. “Love Kingdom,” a dating reality show
    Viewers will also enjoy watching a reality show unfold within a rom-com drama series. “Love Kingdom,” the show Park Jae Hoon and Goo Yeo Reum are working on, will be told in a frame-like format, and the combination of reality television and drama series is sure to be a fun adventure for viewers. The reality show will feature people from all walks of life, including actors, professional athletes, and celebrity chefs, as well as start-up CEOs, teachers, and university students, bringing a whole new level of flavor and depth to the story of Park Jae Hoon and Goo Yeo Reum.

The drama debuted on October 5 at 9 p.m. KST and will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays thereafter. What do you most look forward to in “Love is for Suckers”?

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