The production team behind MBC’s “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract” has successfully resolved a dispute with a hanbok company that accused them of unauthorized use of their designs.

On December 12, a traditional Korean clothing (hanbok) company claimed that their designs were featured without permission in the ongoing drama “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract.” The company took to social media, sharing images of their original designs and stating, “[Our] clothing was used without permission in ‘The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract.'”

Expressing concern about the potential reuse of costumes as filming props across different dramas, the company questioned whether the usage was intentional or simply due to an oversight, saying, “Surely this wasn’t because you thought it was okay to surreptitiously use the design, right? You used them by mistake because they are pretty, right?”

A designer from the company shared runway photos of hanbok from their collection presented at Milan Fashion Week, alongside screenshots of similar sketches appearing in the drama. The designer questioned, “These are my designs, right?”

Later that day, a representative from the production team of the drama issued a statement, saying, “We promptly apologized to the designer who raised concerns about the hanbok designs. The matter has been amicably resolved.”

Subsequently, the designer who initially highlighted the alleged plagiarism confirmed, “I received a gracious apology from the drama’s production team, along with a commitment to give credit to the source.”

The designer elaborated, “According to them, there was a communication error during the outsourcing process, and the provided designs were mistakenly used without proper authorization. I hope this won’t be an issue any longer, so I kindly request refraining from further criticism.”

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