Park Se Young and Kwak Jung Wook, actors, are getting married!

Park Se Young’s agency CL& Company made an official announcement about the couple’s upcoming wedding on January 24. The two actors previously appeared together in “School 2013.”

CL& Company’s official statement is as follows:

“Hello. CL& Company is who we are.

We have good news about the agency’s actress Park Se Young.

Park Se Young will marry her boyfriend, actor Kwak Jung Wook, in mid-February 2022 at a location in Seoul.

After forming a friendship while co-starring in “School 2013,” the two moved on to a romantic relationship a few years ago and nurtured their love. Please show your warm support to the two who have looked out for each other, sometimes as friends and sometimes as lovers, as they embark on a new journey as life partners.

Because the wedding will take place during a difficult time, it will be held in private with family and close friends. We would like to thank the fans and reporters for their patience.

Park Se Young will continue to return the love of many people in the future with good acting and a more mature side of herself as an actress. Please show your strong support for actress Park Se Young in her future endeavors.

Thank you very much.”

Park Se Young and Kwak Jung Wook, congratulations!

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