Legend of Anle, a historical romance starring Dilraba Dilmurat () and Gong Jun (), has released new, crisp set photos as a treat for fans! The two leads look visually compatible and dashing in the stills, with Dilraba playing steely, courageous, and intelligent female bandit Ren Anle and Gong Jun as seemingly cold but affectionate Crown Prince Han Ye.

Arc seeks vengeance.
The two characters in the original novel on which the drama is based are endearingly written, and both Dilraba and Gong Jun, who are both extremely popular, are thought to be well-suited for their roles. Based on Xing Ling’s web novel The Emperor’s Book, the angst-filled and heartbreaking story follows Di Ziyuan, whose family is falsely accused of treason and tragically killed, leaving her as the sole survivor. In order to avenge her family, she disguises herself as the female bandit Ren Anle and plots her way into the palace.

Han Ye Promises to Protect Her Forever
Meanwhile, Crown Prince Han Ye appears gentlemanly and affectionate, but he is a discerning, empathetic ruler-to-be full of strategic plans to win his people’s hearts, revealing his often quirky and adorably-blur side. He and Di Ziyuan, who has been betrothed to him, were childhood sweethearts. When he later reunites with Di Ziyuan, who meets him under the guise of Ren Anle, he vows to protect her for life, powerless to prevent the feud between the Di and Han families from escalating into the tragic extermination of the former.

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