JTBC has confirmed that filming on the upcoming drama Welcome To Samdalri, starring Ji Chang Wook, Shin Hye Sun, and others, will begin soon.

JTBC’s Welcome To Samdalri has confirmed that filming will begin in April and will conclude in December. The release date has been set for after that, and it will typically air on weekends. Ji Chang Wook, Shin Hye Sun, Shin Dong Mi, and Kang Mina are among the cast members.

‘Welcome to Samdalri’ is a drama that tells the story of the main character, who appears to others to be a dragon ascending to heaven, but one day loses everything and falls, then returns to his own stream to catch his breath. Particularly, director Cha Young Hoon (‘When the Camellia Blooms’) and writer Kwon Hye Joo (‘Confession Couple’) are raising expectations. Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun announced that they were talking about playing male and female leads, respectively. Shin Dong Mi was chosen to play the female protagonist’s older sister.

Shin Dong Mi and Kang Mina:

Shin Dong Mi received positive feedback for her performance in last year’s KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘You’re Beautiful Now,’ and she is currently preparing to appear in MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Joseon Attorney,’ which will air on Fridays and Saturdays. As a result, the focus is on whether she will continue his ‘ten days’ path until ‘Welcome to Samdalri’. Kang Mina was offered the role of the female lead’s younger sister. If the appearance is confirmed, Shin Dong Mi, Shin Hye Sun, and Kang Mina will start as three sisters and bring chemistry. Kang Mina made her debut as a Gugudan member through IOI, and gained acting experience in such works as ‘Hotel Del Luna’, ‘Moonshine’, and ‘Cafe Minamdang’. Many people are hoping that she will continue her acting career in ‘Welcome to Samdalri’.

Ji Chang Wook:

On March 12th, Ji Chang Wook received the Next Generation Award at the 16th Asian Film Awards (AFA). The Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA), a non-profit organization founded in 2013 by the Hong Kong International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, and Tokyo International Film Festival to promote Asian films, hosts the Asian Film Awards (AFA) each year to help the Asian film industry grow. It has recognized and supported all filmmakers and their work. Ji Chang Wook demonstrated that he is a global star who achieves No. 1 on the global platform for each work and an actor with ‘trustworthy acting ability’ who portrays various genres and characters through this award.

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