New character posters for Disney+’s upcoming series “The Worst of Evil” have been released!

“The Worst of Evil” is a crime-action drama set in the 1990s about an investigation launched to bring down a major cartel based in Gangnam that is responsible for the illegal drug trade between Korea, Japan, and China.

Ji Chang Wook will play Park Joon Mo, a detective who goes undercover in order to infiltrate the Gangnam Alliance and gain the trust of mob boss Jung Ki Chul.

“The Worst of Evil” director Han Dong Wook praised Ji Chang Wook’s portrayal of his character, saying, “I think he may be talked about [in the future] as an actor who showed one of the best acting performances ever in the undercover genre.”

Wi Ha Joon will play Jung Ki Chul, the ruthless leader of the Gangnam Alliance who rose to the top of the mob after a difficult childhood. When it comes to success, Jung Ki Chul is willing to go to any length.

The vicious mob boss, on the other hand, is conflicted about Park Joon Mo and Yoo Eui Jung, on whom he relies but who also arouses his suspicion.

Im Se Mi will play Yoo Eui Jung, an elite narcotics officer and Park Joon Mo’s wife as well as Jung Ki Chul’s first love. She is not only an emotional link between the drama’s two leads, but she is also an ace police officer involved in the investigation.

Finally, BIBI will portray Hae Ryun, a key figure in the distribution of the Chinese drug factory. Hae Ryun travels to Korea to do business with Jung Ki Chul, but after meeting Park Joon Mo, she ends up causing an unexpected new incident.

Finally, “The Worst of Evil” director Han Dong Wook summarized the film as “a story about people who are willing to give up everything for what they want.”

“The Worst of Evil” will be released on September 27.

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