Disney+ has released a new batch of stills for its upcoming crime-action noir The Worst of Evil to make sure that occurs. As if the prospect of Ji Chang-wook (If You Wish Upon Me) and Wie Ha-joon (Little Women) starring in a drama together wasn’t enough to whet our appetites.

In the drama, police officer Park Joon-mo (Ji Chang-wook) infiltrates a criminal organization by venturing far into the Gangnam underworld in the 1990s. He becomes involved with Jung Ki-chul (Wie Ha-joon), a crime boss who has been steadily climbing the ranks, while on the job. The plot promises a complicated look at Joon-mo’s character as he develops as a result of his cover, so it doesn’t sound as simple as getting in, gathering information, and getting out.

Ji Chang-wook is said to be doing some intense, dark acting in the PD, which makes me question if the character’s depths are what brought Wookie back to the action genre in the first place (since, let’s face it, he didn’t do it just because I begged him to). Wie Ha-joon’s persona seems to be equally complex, with a terrible past and unwavering focus that have allowed him to succeed. much if we anticipate some complicated relations between these two leads within the criminal organization, things become much more complicated when… a love triangle? appears.

Im Se-mi (Duty After School), who plays police officer Yoo Eui-jung, is our female lead. She is noted as having been Ki-chul’s first love even though she is married to Joon-mo. With her spouse working undercover for the identical drug trafficking organization she is trying to stop and the leader being a sworn adversary who genuinely liked (loved?) her, things may get interesting quickly. Oh my, this reminds me of Heartless City, which is nice.

The Worst of Evil, a new Disney+ original series, will premiere on September 27. It is directed by PD Park Geun-beom and produced by Man in Love director Han Dong-wook, with screenplays written by Jang Min-seok (Secret Reunion).

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