New character stills from Jung Woo Sung’s directorial debut film “A Man of Reason” have been released!

On July 12, Ace Maker Movie Works released character stills of Kim Nam Gil and Park Yoo Na, who play problem solver Woo Jin, who is after Soo Hyuk (Jung Woo Sung), and IED (Improvised Explosive Device) specialist Jin Ah, who works with Woo Jin as criminal partners.

“A Man of Reason” is an action film that tells the story of Soo Hyuk, who wants to live an ordinary life until he learns about his daughter, whose existence he was unaware of, and those who are after him.

The newly released stills below show Woo Jin pursuing Soo Hyuk after receiving a request from Sung Joon (Kim Jun Han), who is ranked No. 2 in the organization that Soo Hyuk was a member of. Woo Jin’s appearances in the hideout, holding a weapon with a serious face and sitting idly under the blue sky, capture the subtle and strange tension in the air.

Jin Ah rides a bike and makes homemade bombs in another set of stills. Despite being younger than Woo Jin, Jin Ah tries to protect Woo Jin, who is more like an older brother to her. Another aspect that makes viewers eager to see “A Man of Reason” is the unique chemistry between partners Woo Jin and Jin Ah, who must pursue Soo Hyuk until the end in order to complete their mission.

The film “A Man of Reason” will be released in theaters on August 15. Stay tuned!

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