“Reborn Rich” on JTBC has released an intriguing sneak peek of its upcoming episode!

“Reborn Rich” is a new JTBC fantasy drama starring Song Joong Ki as Yoon Hyun Woo, a chaebol family’s devoted secretary. When he dies after being falsely accused of embezzlement by the very family he had faithfully served, he is reborn as the family’s youngest son Jin Do Joon, and he plots to take over the company to exact revenge.


Previously on “Reborn Rich,” Jin Do Joon was heartbroken after losing his mother for the second time in his life. The shocking realization that Jin Yang Chul’s (Lee Sung Min) greed and corruption were to blame for her death made him more determined than ever to exact his vengeance.

Jin Do Joon, acting through his investment firm Miracle, threw his support behind his uncle Choi Chang Je (Kim Do Hyun) and helped him successfully run for mayor. With the mayor of Seoul now on his side, Jin Do Joon was able to defeat Soonyang Group and gain control of the Sangam neighborhood’s development. Jin Do Joon boldly revealed to his grandfather that he was Miracle’s majority shareholder, leaving the episode on a major cliffhanger.

The battle between Miracle and Soonyang becomes more intense than ever in newly released stills from the drama’s next episode. While Jin Yang Chul and Jin Sung Joon (Kim Nam Hee) appear to be joyfully celebrating a welcome new development, the mood at Miracle is noticeably darker. Jin Do Joon appears concerned as he examines a map, and the matching expressions on Oh Se Hyun (Park Hyuk Kwon) and Rachel (Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany) indicate that not everything is going as planned.

The opposing vibes on both sides of the battle raise the question of what kind of attack Jin Yang Chul launched—and what strategy Jin Do Joon will devise to deal with the ensuing crisis.

“In Episode 7, Jin Yang Chul will set out to play a revenge match with his eldest grandson Jin Sung Joon by his side,” the producers of “Reborn Rich” teased. The new face of the ‘Soonyang Republic’ that emerges during this process will cause Jin Do Joon distress.”

“Please keep an eye on what method Jin Do Joon employs—and with whom he seeks assistance—to overcome this adversity.”

The next “Reborn Rich” episode will air on December 3 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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