Chu Young Woo made his first move after declaring war on Jang Dong Yoon by meeting with Seol In Ah in “Oasis”!

“Oasis” is a new KBS2 drama about three teenagers who fight valiantly to protect their dreams, friendships, and first love against the turbulent backdrop of 1980s South Korea.

Choi Chul Woong (Chu Young Woo) passed the bar exam in Episode 4, just as Lee Doo Hak (Jang Dong Yoon) had hoped. Choi Chul Woong then irritated Lee Doo Hak by declaring, “I’m going to make Jung Shin [Seol In Ah] my woman,” despite the fact that Lee Doo Hak is opposed to the two dating.

The latest stills from the drama show Choi Chul Woong doing exactly what he intended, enjoying a meal with Oh Jung Shin, raising questions about how the trio’s relationship will evolve in the future. Choi Chul Woong’s intensity when he was with Lee Doo Hak is gone as he and Oh Jung Shin both smile happily.

Despite the fact that Choi Chul Woong is aware that Lee Doo Hak and Oh Jung Shin have not forgotten each other, he is determined to confess his feelings for her. Will he be able to sway her?

Another important aspect to watch for in Episode 5 is Lee Doo Hak’s reaction to Choi Chul Woong’s sudden change in behavior. Keep an eye out for how this love triangle develops now that the trio has reunited after all these years.

“Just as Doo Hak has sacrificed a lot for Chul Woong, Chul Woong has also been forcefully shutting away his feelings towards Jung Shin for Doo Hak,” the “Oasis” production team explained. Please look forward to Episode 5, which will show Chul Woong’s transformation after declaring war on Doo Hak.”

This episode of “Oasis” will be broadcast on March 20th at 9:50 p.m. KST!

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