D.O. (Doh Kyung Soo) of EXO and Ji Chang Wook may appear in a new drama together!

According to industry insiders, D.O. and Ji Chang Wook are in talks to star in the upcoming drama “Sculptured City” (literal title), which is expected to cost 35 billion won (approximately $26.4 million).

According to D.O.’s new agency Company Soosoo, “‘Sculptured City’ is a project [D.O.] is positively reviewing.” Spring Company, Ji Chang Wook’s agency, also stated, “[Ji Chang Wook] received an offer, and he is positively reviewing it.”

“Sculptured City” is a bloody revenge drama about an ordinary man who goes to hell and returns after his life is suddenly manipulated. The upcoming drama will be directed by Kim Chang Joo of “Hard Hit” and written by Oh Sang Ho of the “Taxi Driver” series and “The Roundup: Punishment” (“The Outlaws 4”).

Ji Chang Wook is said to play a once-ordinary man who falls down to hell and seeks vengeance on those who made him that way, while D.O. is said to play a designer who fabricates people’s lives in order to create real-life hell.

Ji Chang Wook is currently preparing for his upcoming drama “Welcome to Samdalri” with Shin Hye Sun. D.O. is entertaining audiences with his variety show “GBRB: Reap What You Sow.”

Stay tuned for more information!

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