Good music can be a great source of encouragement for listeners at times, and K-pop is an excellent vehicle for bringing emotional healing when you are feeling down. Many idols combine various styles to create superior songs that are ideal to listen to at the appropriate time. Listen to these songs that are great for providing comfort when needed.

Jamie – “Try”

This ballad with R&B elements has the potential to captivate listeners worldwide. If you’re having a bad day, listen to this song on your way to work or on a road trip. “Try” is about finding encouragement in everyday life in the face of adversity, and it expresses the desire to ignore negativity and be the best version of yourself. Jamie’s song provides both comfort and motivation.

SF9 – “Shine Together”

“Shine Together” is a soothing ballad with a hint of pop in it. This song is ideal for days when you are feeling lonely and need a warm hug from a loved one. This song’s lyrics are dedicated to Fantasy, SF9’s fandom. It expresses their love, gratitude, and desire to provide comfort to their fans. This song is so soothing that it will make you feel like you’re getting a warm hug.


This tender song combines GOT7’s signature R&B and pop vibes to create the ideal comfort song. “ENCORE” describes GOT7’s youth promise and their hope to continue singing for Ahgases, GOT7’s fans, in the future. They ask that fans stick by them. “ENCORE” is the perfect song to listen to when you’re feeling down and need something to lift you up. For sad days, GOT7’s heartfelt promise to fans is so comforting.

SHINee’s Taemin  – “Think Of You”

The key meaning of the upbeat pop song “Think Of You” is relying on someone. The song expresses a person’s desire to completely rely on their loved one for encouragement and unconditional love. It discusses being a source of comfort when life becomes too difficult. Taemin wrote the soothing lyrics, and it’s a good track to lift your spirits. After a long and exhausting day or week, you’ll want to listen to this track. “Think Of You” will quickly become your favorite comfort song!

BLACKPINK – “You Never Know”

This motivational ballad single contains small doses of BLACKPINK’s R&B and hip hop signature sound, making it the ultimate comfort song. The message behind “You Never Know” is about not passing judgment on others and treating everyone with dignity. Because everyone’s story is unique to them, it inspires listeners to pursue their dreams regardless of their background. It’s a good idea to play this song for your best friends at your next hangout. Use this non-judgmental track to empower and comfort one another!

BTS – “Life Goes On”

“Life Goes On” is a great song to listen to while working out in the morning. The track can both comfort and energize you for the day ahead! It’s a good blend of hip hop, alternative, and synthesizer pop that was released during the pandemic, with the lyrics expressing hope that life will return to normal after a difficult season. The song gives us hope that tomorrow will be better. Nothing beats positive reinforcement!

STAYC – “Teddy Bear”

“Teddy Bear” is about going at your own pace in life. This soothing song expresses the need to abandon the mainstream rules of being perfect or cool in favor of loving oneself. “Teddy Bear” gives listeners hope and comfort, as self-love is the most comforting message! The pop punk single is simply delightful, and it’s the type of song to play at a party to kick off a new trend! After hearing the message behind this song, your guests will feel completely at ease with who they are.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang – “Seed”

Taeyang’s piano ballad provides nostalgic comfort. “Seed” is all about reflecting on the sentimental past while also acknowledging the desire to move forward. It’s about a fresh start and the birth of new things. “Seed” also mentions wanting to be by someone’s side. Understanding that there is hope for a bright future can bring comfort. This song is also excellent as background music while reading.

Which of these K-pop songs is your go-to for comforting? Is there a particular band or solo artist that you adore? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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