When a K-drama goes viral, the filming locations become popular tourist destinations for both domestic and international fans. Aside from national landmarks and restaurants, there is another type of location that may entice K-drama fans: libraries. That’s correct! These book-hosting spaces are on a whole new level of K-drama aesthetics, whether it’s a public library, […]

Previously on “Forecasting Love and Weather,” Jin Ha Kyung discovered that Lee Si Woo’s ex-girlfriend Chae Yoo Jin (Girl’s Day’s Yura) was opposed to marriage. Soon after, when she needed to send someone from her team to the Typhoon Research Center on Jeju Island, Jin Ha Kyung chose Lee Si Woo, despite the fact that […]

Jung Ho Yeon’s first acting project since her award-winning debut in “Squid Game” will be in a new series directed by acclaimed director Alfonso Cuarón! Jung Ho Yeon was announced as the latest addition to Alfonso Cuarón’s upcoming Apple TV+ series “Disclaimer” on March 17. Cate Blanchett, Kevin Kline, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Kodi Smit-McPhee […]